Racing Information

We race International One Meter yachts, DF65's, R6M's and occasional visits from sailors with 36's.


As a rule racing is from 1030 until an agreed time, usually about 1430, with 45 minutes for lunch (a good time for rule discussions, tactics and boat design.                                                       


At the discretion of the OOD the following may apply:-


A break after the first race to enable adjustments to be made; followed by two races 'back to back', then a break for further adjustments.    This sequence to continue until the end of racing.  Breaks will not be obligatory should all those present agree that one is not needed.

Racing shall commence with a minimum of two yachts.   Finishing time and adequate breaks will be agreed on the day and announced to all by the acting OOD.


In order to compete and score towards our racing series all yachts are to be fully measured and registered with the MYA.


All skippers/members and visitors competing must have suitable sufficient insurance, third party insurance is provided as part of the MYA affiliation fee.


If a skipper wishes to change from one boat to another during the day  this can take place provided that the new boat displays a unique sail number.   All results that day for the previous boat will be declared null and void.


The skipper must inform the acting OOD of any change made.


If during the day a skipper wishes to appoint an alternate skipper for his boat, this can take place.  All previous results for that boat are declared null and void.


The original skipper must inform the acting OOD of any change made.


Racing on Fridays for IOM's continues throughout the year.

During the summer months of May, June, July and August there is no official racing on the pond on Sundays.  People are often busy with family, garden and big boats.

During the winter months of September, October, November, January, February, March and April we race DF65's and IOM's on alternate Sundays.

Depending on demand we may race DF65's on Tuesday evenings in the spring/summer.   Starts to be at 18.00.   Skippers will be informed if racing is to take place.

Please view our Sailing Programme to find out what class is sailed and when.

Members can compete for the prestige seasonal club Trophies. A trophy will now only be awarded to the First placed, you will need to ensure your yacht meets class measurement and you qualify by entering sufficient days in each of the series. Please plan to ensure you arrive in plenty of time to be ready to start racing at the allotted times. If you would like to volunteer as an OOD or line judge/ observer during the day contact the sailing secretary. We always encourage keen racers and endorse a pleasant atmosphere.